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Power Up Tour

Dear Artists

Welcome Aboard

Please complete the following:

1.) Completely Fill out registration form, and hit the submit button
2.) Email two audio songs and 1 video:(
3.) Pay your registration fee: Zelle App

Your Done!

Once you’ve completed the registration process, you will receive a confirmation code that will enable us to identify you as a member of the POWER UP MUSIC TOUR (PUMT) “TALENT POOL”.

PUMT TALENT POOL: A talented collection of ENTERTAINERS from around the world.

Once you are a confirmed registered member of SCN TALENT POOL, and your fees are paid in full. Your music will be reviewed by industry professionals. Upon review you will be instructed to have theses 5 items:

*1. QUALITY PHOTO (at least one)
*2. QUALITY VIDEO ( only one)
*3. QUALITY AUDIO (mix/mastered)
*4. QUALITY PRODUCTION (mixed beat)
*5. QUALITY BIOGRAPHY (500 word maximum)

Based off the quality of the 5 item requirements, you will be ranked by industry professionals. Your ranking will be reflected by a score given to each individual artist in the talent pool.

Look forward to seeing you there!
Parrish Wells
Marketing Director Spark City Networt
Contact: (404 438-3401)

It’s $30 to submit 2 songs for review and $20 for performance audition so its a total of $50

What is the Power Up Music Tour?

A national “Independent Talent Music Tour” providing ’Independent Artists’ with major platforms across the United States and South America.

As a Working Talent, Legitimate Platforms are far & few in between. The Power Up Tour offers regular powerful

platforms in Ten of the largest cities in the U.S.A.

· Milwaukee, WI
· Chicago, IL
· Detroit, MI
· Atlanta, GA
· Miami, FL
· New Orleans, LA
· Houston, TX
· Las Vegas, NV
· San Antonio, TX
· Dallas, TX
Spark City Network (SCN) is a marketing and networking company designed for individuals & businesses alike. Our mission at (SCN) is to add a spark to an individual’s career and or business. Spark City Network has a team of Production Professionals around the U.S. ready to mobilize and produce at any time.The Power UP Tour uses The Resources of (SCN) to execute Professional MusicProductions On Demand.
The Power Up Music Tour is the events production wave of the future in music. With Venue Owners, DJ’s, Promoters and local business owners

contributing support and resources to this perpetual Independent Music Tour. The Power Up Tour is already a success.